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Programa de Pós-Graduação Profissional em Educação

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Professional Master's Degree Program in Education

The Professional Master's Degree Program in Education aims to develop the academic education established in the professional practice of teachers who act in diversified areas of knowledge, enabling them to act significantly in society.

In this perspective it seeks to promote the better understanding of the current teachers about the epistemological principles that support their actions, enabling a ratification of their practice with greater awareness or a reformulation of the practice, raising, as a short- and medium-term impact, the approaches of more committed and socio-historically situated didactic insights and the making of innovative teaching resources, with optimization of technologies.

The research development "with" teachers, from contextualized and interdisciplinary teaching situations, aims to establish partnership between university and school so that teachers from Basic Education may be socially recognized as knowledge producers and the school may be also recognized as another locus of knowledge production and teacher trainer.

The research carried out under the Professional Master's Degree Program in Education by Basic Education teachers include the historical, epistemological, philosophical and methodological fundamentals presented in the teaching and learning processes that take place in formal and non-formal educational environment.

The main research line of the Program called Educational processes – Languages, Curriculum and Technologies is led by several languages, since it seeks to produce theoretical knowledge about teaching situations in the Basic Education teachers' area of practice, studies regarding the educational processes as well as curriculum, technologies and qualification.